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Project TitleHeat Transfer Device for High Heat Flux
Track Code2012-149
Short DescriptionPrincipal Investigators: Hossein Haj-Hariri, Seyed Reza Monazami Miralipour

Apparatus and methods which provide a two-phase heat transfer device with a combination of enhanced evaporation and increase cooling capacity. A recess topology is used to increase suction of working fluid toward a heat source. A non-wetting coating or structure may be used to keep working fluid away from the spaces between elongated members of an evaporator and a wetting coating or structure may be used to form thin films of working fluid around the distal regions of elongated members. The devices and method described herein may be used to cool computer chips, the skin of a hypersonic flying object, a parabolic solar collector, a turbine engine blade, or other heat sources that require high heat flux.

Tagsthermal management; phase-change heat transfer; phase-change; heat flux; heat fluxes; two-phase heat transfer; semiconductors; integrated circuits; cooling; ventilating
Posted DateAug 15, 2017 3:14 PM