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Project TitleGas-Expanded Lubricants
Track Code2010-034
Short DescriptionPrincipal Investigators: Andres Clarens, Paul Allaire, Amir Younan, Shibo Wang

Method and System of lubricating at least one moving part with a medium. The medium includes a dissolved mixture of lubricant and compressed gas. The amount of lubricant and compressed gas may be controlled in forming the dissolved mixture in response to input conditions. A user and/or external factors may be used to determine the input conditions. In response to the input conditions the amount of lubricant and compressed gas is delivered to the moving part that is housed in a pressurized chamber. The properties of the dissolved mixture can be adjusted, whereby the properties may include, but are not limited to, the following: viscosity, temperature, and thermal conductivity. This adjustment to the gas may be accomplished, for example, by releasing gas from the pressurized chamber in an amount to adjust the properties. In a further approach, lubricant may be scavenged from the pressurized chamber by returning surplus lubricant to its original source or other designated location.

Tagsmachine; machinery; lubricants; lubricant; bearings; shafts; rotors; rotating; rotating machinery; wind turbines; turbines; gas-lubricated bearings; energy efficiency
Posted DateAug 14, 2017 2:59 PM