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Project TitleGas Expanded Lubricants
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Andres Clarens, Paul Allaire, Amir Youman, Shibo Wang, Brian Weaver


This invention is a method for lubricating bearings during operation in which mixtures of lubricant and high-pressure gas are supplied inside a reinforced casing. The gas serves to control the viscosity and thermal conductivity of the lubricant such that bearing characteristics, such as power loss, can be minimized as loading and speed conditions change.

Turbines and turbomachinery operate under varying system level constraints. This invention is a concept that proposes a new type of lubricant called Gas-Expanded Lubricants (GELs) with properties that could be changed in response to conditions within the system. As an idealized system, GELs could provide additional lift, increased/decreased viscosity, or other tunable characteristics to meet the needs of the system.

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Tagslubricants, viscosity
Posted DateFeb 22, 2017 3:20 PM


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